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This Is Your Yoga, Your Own Great Adventure

Meet Joan

The Creator of Y.O.G.A.

My name is Joan Radford. My lifelong passion for activity and movement has grown into a vibrant career in the Fitness, Health and Wellness industry. As an athlete, I always knew that I felt the most passionate, joyful and happy when I was training and moving. When I integrated and practiced yoga  in my regular training  it holistically connected my body, mind and spirit to a positive and healthy place.

Professional shot of Joan Radford
woman in yoga pose


This Is Your Yoga

I am excited to share a new offering of classes, and program options and additions.  These are offered with the intention providing you with the flexibility to create a Y.O.G.A. practice that fits your journey.. 


The Y.O.G.A. Community Connection

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What Clients Say

"As someone new to yoga I was looking for a personalized beginner yoga practice that met my needs, body type and abilities. That was over 8 years ago. Since then I have attended workshops, retreats, in-person classes and zoom classes with Joan and I am no longer a beginner but still on a long path of learning. Joan has a great mix of posture flow, breathing, relaxation and meditation as part of her classes and offers variation on poses to meet everyone’s needs. Joan is kind, relaxed and calming and doesn’t take herself too seriously. She is always gracious and accepting of everyone in her classes. I would absolutely recommend practicing or retreating with Joan no matter the level of your own personal practice (beginner to experienced!)."

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